ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - December 2019


December 2019 - February 2020

Corporate Law

Implementation of the Physical Cash Pooling Concept Under Turkish Legislation

Banking and Finance Law

Recent Developments in the Financial Restructuring Process in Turkey

Capital Markets Law

Recent Amendments to the Investment Funds Legislation in Turkey

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Turkish Competition Board Reassessed the Allegations of Refusal to Supply against Maysan Mando further to the Administrative Court’s Annulment and Imposed an Administrative Monetary Fine for Resale Price Maintenance

The Turkish Competition Board Declines to Grant an Individual Exemption to a Public Information Ad: An Assessment of the Interplay Between Consumer Welfare, Intellectual Property and Competition

The Turkish Competition Board Takes a De Minimis Approach to Abuse of Dominance: No Full-fledged Investigation Against Local Natural Gas Company for Exclusionary Practices

The Turkish Competition Board Once Again Looks into the Matter of Export Bans in Turkey and the Geographic Scope of Their Own Jurisdiction

Employment Law

High Court Rules on Validity of Penalties Attached to Early Termination of Fixed-Term Employment


Turkey Signed the “UnitedNations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation” (“Singapore Convention on Mediation”)

Data Protection Law

The Turkish DPA Announces the Criteria to be Considered for the Determination of the Countries with Adequate Levels of Protection

Internet Law

Regulation on the Broadcast of Radio, Television and On-Demand Programs on the Internet

Telecommunications Law

Communiqués on the Exportation and Importation of Goods Which Possess Electronic Identity Information

E-Money Law

Legislative Proposal to Amend Law No. 6493 on Payment Services and Electronic Money

Anti-Dumping Law

Anti-Dumping Measures to Expire Within the First Half of 2020

White Collar Irregularities

2019 FCPA Enforcement Actions and Highlights

Healthcare Law

Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Data in Pharmacovigilance Activities


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