Data Protection and Privacy Law at ELIG Gürkaynak

ELIG Gürkaynak is one of the few Turkish law firms practicing data protection and privacy law in Turkey. Our team has a solid background and significant experience in this practice area, which makes us a pioneer in this field of law and enables us to actively contribute to the legislative process and the establishment of legal precedents.

We are directly involved in legislative efforts in the data protection and privacy area due to our extensive knowledge on European Union legislation. We work together with business organizations and key players to offer an in-depth understanding on the ever-changing legislative needs of businesses with respect to data protection and privacy law related matters.

Our business oriented approach to handling issues related to data protection and privacy law enables us to successfully assist our clients in strengthening their positions against the risks incurred by data protection and privacy law related issues, while always working to ensure our client’s business remains uninterrupted.

ELIG Gürkaynak’s expertise in the data protection and privacy law area is strengthened by our team’s sound technological knowledge. We closely follow all international and domestic technological developments. We provide legal assistance to our clients with product launches and new technology projects. ELIG Gürkaynak’s expertise on data protection and data security related matters for cloud technologies and Internet of Things, both from a customer and provider perspective, is unrivalled.

The irrepressible development of information technology and diversity results in an inevitable increase in the amount and type of data exchanged between individuals and machines, and a change in the way and purpose in which this data is processed. The ever increasing nature of data flow and data processing leads to legal concerns regarding data protection, security, integrity and privacy. The legal framework where these concerns emerge may lag behind the developments being made in information technologies. We assist our domestic and international clients in initiating, developing and sustaining their projects and operations within the Turkish market, without focusing on the stumbling blocks. We also provide affirmative legal strategies and compliance advice in terms of data protection and privacy law.

Our team provides data protection and privacy consultancy for the information and communication technologies sector, along with e-commerce, employment, insurance, retail, energy, oil and gas, transportation, financial services, commercial and professional services and media sectors on various matters including:

  • Practical legal advice on data protection and privacy law matters which take into consideration all of our clients regulatory compliance challenges and advising on prospective regulations, drafting policies and agreements, and offering advice on legislation relating to the international transfer of data.

  • Extensive regulatory advice on data breaches, assisting clients in risk management and compliance strategies, including offering potential litigation options related to unauthorized use and disclosure of personal information by third-parties.

  • A broad expertise in assisting clients through governmental investigations, particularly in the area of competition law, which requires special attention in order to protect a company’s sensitive data, trade secrets and the personal information of its employees.

  • We provide legal assistance for trans-border data transfers and branch focused data protection measures. Our clients expand their operations into various countries and we provide support to our clients taking into consideration the data protection measures in these legislations, while also considering the legal requirements for collection, use, transfer, and disclosure of personal information.

  • Our legal expertise on data protection and security related matters includes employee and employer related assistance in order to integrate solid data protection and security measures in the workplace. We have unique expertise in regards to internal audit systems, in order to protect the data of the employee and the employer. We also offer advice to our clients regarding restrictions on the electronic monitoring of employees.

  • Legal advice and practical suggestions relating to data and cyber security incidents.

  • Drafting data protection, privacy and cyber-security related polices and agreements for domestic and international companies.

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