Employment Law Practices at ELIG Gürkaynak

ELIG Gürkaynak is one of the few corporate law firms in Turkey with a solid background and significant practice of employment law.

ELIG Gürkaynak attorneys advise clients in drafting employment contracts or adopting their internationally used employment contracts under Turkish Labor Law.

ELIG Gürkaynak also counsels clients on their day-today handling of employment law related matters, i.e. advising on organizing holiday entitlements, shifts or disciplinary actions. In addition, ELIG Gürkaynak works on drafting work place regulations, policies and disciplinary procedures.

ELIG Gürkaynak has extensive experience in organizing and managing employee termination procedures in accordance with the requirements Turkish labor law legislation.

ELIG Gürkaynak attorneys also handle all types of employment law related disputes in connection with labor law litigations in Turkish courts, i.e. re-employment lawsuits, termination compensation claims and overtime payment claims.

The Turkish Code of Obligations now includes an explicit provision in accordance with international law regarding mobbing. We provide practical advice to our clients in order to assist them to implement a mobbing free environment, along with informing clients on what constitutes mobbing. When required, our firm also advises and represents its clients regarding mobbing and such claims made by a client’s employees.

In addition, ELIG Gürkaynak provides various training programmes to our clients' human resources departments regarding employment law related matters including the Turkish Labor Code, occupational standards, labor relations, entitlements, dismissals and work place regulations.

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