Mergers & Acquisitions Practices at ELIG Gürkaynak

Our strong M&A team consistently shows the capability to simultaneously handle numerous significant M&A transactions, reorganizations and spin-offs.

ELIG Gürkaynak attorneys were involved in more than 15 closed M&A transactions in the last two years. With its solution-oriented and business minded approach to legal risks and structures, ELIG Gürkaynak advises various types and sizes of clients with different backgrounds and interests, such as multinational companies, international and domestic strategic investors, and investment banks. In these deals, as the specifics of the transaction requires, ELIG Gürkaynak's M&A team works in close quarters with the Banking & Finance, Competition and Litigation departments of the firm.

Due Diligence

ELIG Gürkaynak has an extensive track-record for complex due diligence work. ELIG Gürkaynak conducted due diligence reviews in physical and virtual data rooms in numerous M&A transactions and submitted the outcome to its clients in detailed reports, always accompanied by an executive summary. Our firm embodies the diverse legal expertise necessary for assisting its clients in determining all material risks involved in M&A transactions by providing a legal due diligence review in all relevant fields of law. For a well-founded due diligence process, our team not only identifies the risks to be envisaged in transactions but also provides solution-oriented advice and counseling designed to meet the self-imposed above-the-market standards on a case by case basis.

Our M&A team is well connected to top-quality specialists in several other expertise areas such as tax structuring, real estate assessment and environmental due diligence, and has the capabilities to establish coordination among these experts, reporting also to the client for the findings and suggestions of these experts.

Contract drafting, review and negotiation

ELIG Gürkaynak has a well-established practice in drafting, reviewing and negotiating share transfer, asset purchase and/or shareholders agreements as well as ancillary contracts that may be required in transactions e.g. employment contracts, option contracts and pledge agreements and sui generis contracts tailor-made for each specific transaction. Advising the sell-side our M&A team works closely with the client in preparation of exhibits to the transaction documents, especially as far as the representations and warranties sections of contracts are concerned.

Joint Ventures

Our team has vast experience in the establishment, reorganization and winding up of joint ventures operating in various markets. ELIG Gürkaynak provides complete legal assistance from inception of a joint venture through structuring, contract negotiation and implementation. Our experience of complex cross-border deals and multi-jurisdictional projects provides our clients with an informed, international and comprehensive view of factors relating to choice of law issues as well as the structure itself.

In addition to the competition law, arbitration and intellectual property aspects of these concentrations, our firm has a strong capability to advise the transaction parties in properly handling the corporate governance matters of joint ventures.

Private Equity / Venture Capital / MBOs

Our firm also has a leading position in private equity, venture capital transactions as well as management buy-outs, since ELIG Gürkaynak attorneys were involved in major transactions of this type in Turkey. ELIG Gürkaynak also advises private equity funds in structuring their exit strategies including domestic and US registration rights and public offerings.


In addition to its extensive experience in the M&A practice in Turkey, ELIG Gürkaynak attorneys also contribute to this field of law with their publications. The firm's M&A department co-edited a book on M&A transactions entitled "M&A Transactions under Turkish Law" authored jointly by members of the firm and available in Turkish and English. This is the first book in Turkish legal literature on how to structure M&A transactions under Turkish law. Additionally, the firm's M&A department prepared the Turkey chapters of Getting the Deal Through/Mergers & Acquisitions (2003-2011) and the European Mergers & Acquisitions Review (2007-2011).

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