ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - June 2014


June 2014 - August 2014

Corporate Law

New Criteria Concerning Independent Audit

Conditional Share Capital Increase

The New Communiqué on Public Disclosure Requirements

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Competition Board’s Motion Picture Services Inquiry

The Competition Authority published Guidelines on the Evaluation of the Abuse of Dominance Through Discriminatory Practices

Labor Law

The recent decision of 9th Civil Chamber of the Court of Appeals on “Collusion” arising from fictitious contracts according to Article 2 of the Labor Law

Medical Device Law

Developments in Pharmacovigilance Practices

Telecommunications Law

Recent Two Significant Board Decisions of Information and Communications Technologies Authority on Invoices of Operators and Standardization Documents

Internet Law

Recent Developments in EU Data Protection Environment

Real Estate Law

Electronic Registration of Title

Anti-Corruption Law

The Rising Awareness Leads to an Increase in the Numbers of Anti-Corruption Related Internal Investigations in Turkey


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