ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - June 2018


June 2018 - August 2018

Corporate Law

Recent Developments in Trade Registry Regulations

Banking and Finance Law

Authorized Institutions Under Turkish Law

Capital Markets Law

Turkish REITs: Key Points to Consider Before an Initial Public Offering

Competition Law I Antitrust Law

The Board Denies INTES Individual Exemption for Price Variation Survey: Walking the Fine Line in Exchanging Price Information

The Board Closes the Door on Antitrust Allegations against Yataşfor its “Best Price Guarantee” Campaign - A Blessing for Best Price Practices

The Board’s Reasoned Decision on the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality: “Is the Municipality an Undertaking within the Meaning of Competition Law?”

Amendments to the Guidelines on Vertical Agreements

Labor Law

A Labor Court of First Instance Amends the Type of Termination Ex Officio


Scope of Notification via Electronic Means Has Been Recently Expanded

Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Board’s Decision on Adequate Measures to Be Taken by Data Controllers Regarding Special Categories of Personal Data

Internet Law

A New Era for Internet Broadcasting Services: An Amendment to the Radio and Television Legislation Which Regulates Internet Broadcasts

Telecommunications Law

Draft Regulation Amending the Regulation on Network and Information Security in the Electronic Communications Sector

E-Commerce Law

Recent Developments Regarding the Practice of E-commerce in Turkey

Anti-Dumping Law

Concerns Raised Against Turkey’s Measures During the Latest Meeting of the WTO’s Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices and Their Outcomes

White Collar Irregularities

Measures on Corporate Cooperation


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