ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - June 2021


June 2021 – August 2021

Corporate Law

Authorizing Third Parties with Limited Powers: Proxy or Registered Authorized Signatory?

Banking and Finance Law

New Dynamics of Turkish Financial Markets: Savings Finance Regime 

A Long-Awaited Development: Draft Regulation by the Turkish Banking Regulator on “Sharing of Confidential Information” 

Turkish Central Bank Bans the Use of Crypto Assets in Payment Transactions

Capital Markets Law

The Changes Proposed by the Draft Communiqué to the Tender Offer Procedures in Turkey

Disclosure Requirement: The Keystone of Creating a Fair and Reliable Market

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Newly Introduced Settlement Mechanism Under Turkish Competition Law

De Minimis Principle: The Newly Introduced Communiqué No. 2021/3 On Agreements, Concerted Practices and Acts and Conducts of Association of Undertakings That Do Not Appreciably Restrict the Competition 

The Board Approves the Transaction in the Port Services Market, But Not the Excessive Scope of the Non-Compete Obligation 

Milestone Decisions for the Implementation of the ‘Ne Bis In Idem’ Principle in Turkish Competition Law

A No-Go Decision was Granted by the Turkish Competition Board to a “Joint to Sole Control” Transaction: TIL / Marport

The New Communiqué on Commitments is Now in Force

Employment Law

New Regulation on Remote Working


The Court of Cassation Assembly of Civil Chambers Decision Introduces a “Presumption” of “Gross Fault” by Seller in Hidden Defects 

Data Protection Law

Recent Decisions of the Turkish Data Protection Board 

Turkish Data Protection Authority DPA Started Deciding on Undertaking Letters for Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data

Internet Law

Constitutional Court Sets Precedents on Social Media Posts

Telecommunications Law

Reconciliation with Information Communications and Technologies Authority

White Collar Irregularities

An Introduction to Internal Investigations: Key Points to Consider and Pitfalls to Avoid


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