ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - June 2022


June 2022 – August 2022

Corporate Law

Investing in Turkey: General Foreign Direct Investment Regime

“Additional Workplaces” to be Converted to Branch Offices

Digitalization of Signature Declarations

Banking and Finance Law

An Alternative Financing Method: Financial Leasing in Turkey

Capital Markets Law

Contracts of Guarantee under Turkish Capital Markets Law

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

An overview of Turkish Merger Control Regime in Light of the Recent Legislative Amendments and the Turkish Competition Board’s Decisional Practice

Competition Authority Raises the Jurisdictional Turnover Thresholds and Puts Transactions in Certain Markets Under the Spotlight

Analysis of Categorically Notifiable Sectors Under the New Merger Control Regime in Turkey

Sectoral Threshold Exception Explained: Concentrations in Certain Sectors Are Now Expected to be Way More Frequently Notifiable in Turkey

New Merger Control Regime Increases Turnover Thresholds and Introduces Exemptions

The New Merger Control Regime in Turkey Entered into Force as of May 4, 2022: Sectoral Threshold Exception Explained: Concentrations in Certain Sectors Are Now Expected To Be Way More Frequently Notifiable in Turkey

Evolution of the Turkish Competition Authority's Approach Towards MFN Clauses: E-Marketplace Sector Inquiry Report

A Decision on the Welding Sector: How the Turkish Competition Board Uses Economic Analysis in the Presence and Absence of the Evidence of Communication Among Competitor Undertakings?

Third Time Unlucky: The Board Rejected Paşabahçe’s Latest Individual Exemption Request

Turkish Competition Board Grants Unconditional Approval to the Acquisition of Sole Control of Atotech Limited by MKS Instruments, Inc.

The Turkish Competition Board Approved the Establishment of a Joint Venture Between Azertelecom Int. LLC and Socar Turkey Enerji Anonim Şirketi

Employment Law

Right to Paid Annual Leave in Light of a Recent Decision of the Court of Cassation


The Constitutional Court Rules that Dismissing Unquantified Receivable Claims due to Lack of Legal Benefit Violates Right to Access to Court

Data Protection Law

Recent Decisions of the Turkish Data Protection Board

Internet Law

Amendments to Consumer Protection Law Introduce New Obligations to Intermediary Service Providers

Telecommunications Law

Number Portability Regulation is Amended

White Collar Irregularities

An Overview of Whistleblower Protection Laws in the United States and the European Union

Intellectual Property Law

New Trend Alert: NFT Trademark Applications and Crypto Trademark Law. The Recent Rise of Trademark Applications and Enforcements of Global Giants in Relation to NFTs 


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