ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - March 2014


March 2014 - May 2014

Corporate Law

The Controlling Shareholders’ Right to Squeeze out the Other Shareholders and Rights to Sell in Public Companies

Invalidity o f Monetary Limitations in Signature Circulars

Significant Transactions, Minority Shareholders ’ Exit Right and Mandatory Offer

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Turkish Competition Board Imposed Record-Breaking Fine on Turkey’s Largest Energy Company

The Turkish Competition Authority Delivered an Official Opinion for the Draft Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade

The Turkish Competition Authority Opens Public Consultation on the Draft Regulation on Administrative Fines

The Turkish Competition Law is on the Verge o f Change

Labor Law

The Significance o f Additional Compensation in Securing the Validity o f Mutual Termination Agreement

Medical Device Law

A Look Inside The New Regulation on Opticianries

Telecommunications Law

Regulation on Quality o f Service in the Electronic Communications Sector

Internet Law

Recent Amendment to the Internet Law in Turkey

Real Estate Law

Legislation on the Transformation o f Areas under the Risk o f Disaster

White Collar Irregularities

Third Party Liability in Light o f the FCPA


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