ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - March 2016


March 2016 - May 2016

Corporate Law

Prohibitions on Related Party Transactions and Financing in Joint-Stock and Limited Liability Companies

Banking and Finance Law

The New Regulation and the Communiqué on Repo Transactions

Capital Markets Law

Companies Required to Implement the “Corporate Governance Principles” and “Mandatory Principles”

Energy Law

Amendments to the Electricity Market Licensing Regulation

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Competition Authority Once Again Recognizes Attorney-Client Privilege Principles (02.12.2015,15-42/690-259)

The Turkish Competition Board Refuses to Clear Setur’s Acquisition of Sole Control over Beta Turizm and Pendik Turizm as the Phase II Review is Concluded

The Board Grants Conditional Approval to the Anadolu Endiistri Holding / Migros Transaction Following the Phase II Review

The Authority Releases the Draft Block Exemption Communiqué on Research and Development Agreements

Labor Law

The Precedent in Determination of Number of Workers Showed a Drastic Change


Recognition and Enforcement Procedures of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Turkey

Internet Law

The European Court of Human Rights Decides on the Access Ban of an Entire Video Sharing Website Between May 5,2008 and October 30, 2010 in Turkey

The Constitutional Court Decides on the Annulment of Certain Provisions of the Internet Law in Turkey

Data Protection

Turkey is on the Verge of Adopting a Law on Data Protection

E-Money Law

Recent Developments in the Non-Cash Payment Regulation

Real Estate Law

Construction Agreement in Return for Flat — What to do to Minimize Conflicts? The New Regulation on Shopping Malls and What It Means for Retailers

White Collar Irregularities

Risk, Compliance and Liability: International Reflections on the Turkish Anti-Money Laundering System


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