ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - March 2018


March 2018 - May 2018

Corporate Law

For Cause Dissolution of Joint-Stock Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Derivative Transactions: Intermediary Issues

Capital Markets Law

Major Changes in Capital Markets Regulations in the Last Quarter of 2017

Crowdfunding Legislation Introduced in Turkey

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Turkish Competition Board’s Reasoned Decision Regarding Trakya Cam’s Request to Access the Case File Is Published

The Board’s Decision on BSH Ev Ale fieri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.§. Regarding the Preliminary Investigation on the Restriction of Online Sales

The Administrative Court Annulled the Board’s Decision Not to Initiate an Investigation against Maysan Mando in Terms of Its Alleged Refusal to Supply

The Board Imposed an Administrative Monetary Fine to Qekok Gidafor Hindering the On-Site Inspection within the Scope of the Preliminary Investigation Initiated against Various Undertakings That Are Active in the Wholesale Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Market

Labor Law

The Court of Appeals Changed its Precedents on the Issue of 6-Months’ Seniority for Job Security


Strict Conditions Regarding the Use of the 'Organic Link Theory' Reiterated by the Court of Appeals: Extending Liability to Affiliates

Data Protection Law

Article 29 Working Party’s Updated Opinion on Consent under the General Data Protection Regulation

Internet Law

The Constitutional Court’s Decision on the Freedom of Press and Expression Regarding the Contents Posted on a News Website

Telecommunications Law

Draft Principles and Procedures on the Resolution of Consumer and User Complaints by Operators and Service Providers

Real Estate Law

New Communiqué on National Calculation Method of Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Anti-Dumping Law

Update on Anti-Dumping Cases in Turkey in the Last Quarter of 2017

White Collar Irregularities

Fundamentals of an M&AJ Joint Venture Due Diligence Checklist- Understanding the Anti-Corruption Risks

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