ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - March 2022


March 2022 – May 2022

Corporate Law  

Liquidation of Turkish Joint-Stock Companies  

Banking and Finance Law

Neobanking in Turkey: Digital Banking Regulation comes into Force 

Capital Markets Law

Turkey: Protection of Capital Markets from Manipulation Activities 

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Turkish Competition Authority's Request of Foreign Affiliate Data From Their Turkish Subsidiaries Quashed By Court As Unlawful 

Preliminary Investigation Terminated as a Result of a Successful Commitment Process by Şişecam

The Unstoppable Rise of Fintech and the Competing Efforts of Authorities to Catch Up: The Turkish Competition Authority published its Analysis Report on Fintech 

The Turkish Competition Board Imposed Structural Remedies in its Recent Decision Concerning the Hot Air Balloon Market 

“Premature” Change of Control Caught a Break from the Turkish Competition Board’s Administrative Monetary Fine due to Lack of Evidence  

Can You Truly Delete It? The Turkish Competition Board’s Recent N11 Decision on Hindering On-Site Inspections 

Turkish Competition Board Unconditionally Approved VDW’s Acquisition of Savio After a Detailed Analysis of Conglomerate Effects 

Employment Law

The Regional Court of Appeals Rules regarding “Limitation on Territory” in Non-Compete Agreements


The General Assembly of the High Court of Appeals Sets an Additional Criterion for Lawsuits with Unquantified Receivable Claims 

Data Protection Law

Recent Decisions of the Turkish Data Protection Board 

Internet Law

Constitutional Court Has Published a Significant Pilot-Judgment on Access Ban of Internet Contents 

Telecommunications Law

Newly Introduced Consumer Rights in the Electronic Communication Sector

White Collar Irregularities

2021 FCPA Enforcement Actions and Highlights


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