ELIG Gürkaynak LIQ - September 2018


September 2018 - November 2018

Corporate Law

Amendments to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Foreign Direct Investment Law

Banking and Finance Law

Import and Export of Capital in Turkey

Capital Markets Law

Updates to the Communiqué on Real Estate Investment Funds

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

A Closer Look at Resale Price Maintenance and Restrictions on Internet Sales: The JOTUN and Duru Cases

No Room for Competition Within the Family— Family Links Under the Turkish Merger Control Regime: The Turkish Competition Board Unconditionally Approved the Transaction Concerning the Acquisition of Sole Control over Mavi by the Akarlilar Family

Exclusivity Practices Examined in the Two- Sided Market of Cinema Screen Advertising: The Board Rejected the Exclusivity Allegations against Mars due to a Lack of Evidence

Abuse of Dominance Allegations Examined Against Çiçek Sepeti, a Leading Online Retail Florist: No Evidence Found for Predatory Pricing, Raising Rivals’ Costs or Sham Litigation

Employment Law

Court of Appeals Decided Not to Unify the Judgments on Whether a Receivable Lawsuit in Employment Law Can Be Filed with an Unspecified Amount


Unfair Competition Claims for Sale of Certain Products Below Purchase Price

Data Protection Law

The Technical and Organizational Measures Set Forth Under Turkish Data Protection Law in Light of the Data Protection Board’s Recent Principle Decision

Internet Law

The Constitutional Court’s Decision on the Requirement to Exhaust All Legal Remedies with Respect to Access Ban Requests

Telecommunications Law

ICTA’s Decision Amending the Principles and Procedures on the Use of Calling Line Identification

E-Commerce Law

E-Export Strategy and Action Plan of the Ministry of Trade (2018-2020) Is Published in the Official Gazette

Real Estate Law

Recent Developments on Zoning Peace

Anti-Dumping Law

Turkey’s Notification to the World Trade Organization on the United States’ Recent Measures

White Collar Irregularities

Professional Standards of Ethics and Compliance Management


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