Legal Insights Quarterly - December 2022


December 2022 – February 2023

Corporate Law

Share Certificates Issued by Joint-stock Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Acquisition and Transfer of Shares Subject to Permission of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in Turkey

Capital Markets Law

New Draft Communiqué from the Capital Markets Board Regarding Venture Capital Market

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Contemporary Dynamics of Dawn Raiding Powers of the Turkish Competition Authority: Current Status of a Debate on Concealment of Evidence

The Turkish Competition Board’s US Ecology Decision – The Approach Towards Reverse Triangular Mergers

The Turkish Competition Board Assessed Prior Overlaps between the Parties: Acquisition of Sole Control over OCTAL by Alpek Polyester

The Turkish Competition Board’s Digiturk Decision: Embodiment of a Settled Approach to Territorial Restrictions and a Spectrum of By-Object Restriction, Soft Enforcement and Scrutiny Regarding Resale Price Maintenance

Recent Signs on the Competition Board’s Approach to Internet Sales Restrictions and Resale Price Maintenance Allegations: The Vestel Matter

A Dive into the Turkish Competition Authority’s New Settlement Regulation: Analysis of Arnica and Hayırlı El Kozmetik Decisions

Employment Law

The Local Court Adjudicates on Unlawfulness of Termination of an Employment Agreement with Just Cause due to an Employee’s Refusal to Get Vaccinated against COVID-19 and Provide Negative PCR Test Result


Ambiguity between the Precedents of High Court of Appeals as to Evidentiary Capacity of Text Messages and E-mail Messages

Data Protection Law

Insurance Data Ecosystem Is Detailed and Clarified with the New Regulation

Internet Law

New Amendments on Turkish Internet Law

Telecommunications Law

New Regulation on OTT Services and OTT Service Providers

White Collar Irregularities

2022 FCPA Enforcement Actions and Highlights

Intellectual Property Law

A Turkish IP Court Implemented the First Ever Preliminary Injunction over an NFT of a legendary Turkish Anatolian Rock Singer Cem Karaca


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