Legal Insights Quarterly - June 2023


June 2023 – August 2023

Corporate Law

Attendance of the Ministry Representative to General Assembly Meetings of Joint-Stock Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Borrowing and Utilizing Loans From Outside of Turkey without Bringing the Funds into Turkey

Capital Markets Law

Financial Rights Granted to Board Members of Publicly Traded Companies

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Competition Board's Mikro Yazılım/E-Mükellef Teknoloji Decision: An Insight on the Market Definition and Competitive Assessment in the Software Industry

Turkish Competition Authority Publishes Its Preliminary Report on the Online Advertising Sector Inquiry

Turkish Competition Board's In-Depth Analysis on the Essence of Information Exchange in Light of the Sunny Decision

Turkish Competition Board Cements its Approach regarding Family Ties and Economic Unity

Monetary Fine Imposed for Hindrance of On-Site Inspection: A Brief Analysis of the Competition Board’s Naos Decision

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Study on the Reflections of Digital Transformation on Competition Law

Turkish Competition Authority Publishes its Final Report on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Retail Sector Inquiry

Employment Law

Early Retirement: Amendment to the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and Decree No. 375


High Court of Appeals Ruled That Time Limits Regarding Appeal Requests Shall Not Be Applicable in Case There is an Error Regarding the Term of Appeal in the Decision Subject to the Appeal Request

Data Protection Law

Turkish Constitutional Court’s Recent Decisions on Protection of Personal Data

Internet Law

Constitutional Court’s Recent Decision on Social Media Posts by an Employee

Telecommunications Law

Draft Communique on the Implementation of Annex-6 of the Regulation on Service Quality in Electronic Communications Sector

White Collar Irregularities

Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan: New Anti-Corruption Compliance Standards are Introduced

Intellectual Property Law

Constitutional Court Rules on the Effect of the Prolonging the Protection Period of Copyrights from 50 Years to 70 Years


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