Legal Insights Quarterly - March 2023


March 2023 – May 2023

Corporate Law

Amendments to the Independent Audit Requirement Criteria for Turkish Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Turkey: Draft Regulation for Amending the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards

Capital Markets Law

Fundamental Obligations of Unlisted Public Companies

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Undertakings Generating Turnover Outside of Turkey in the Sensitive Sectors Defined in the Secondary Legislation Will Fall into the Lower Jurisdictional Threshold Regime If They Have Any Commercial Activity or Users in Turkey in Any Market

The Most Recent Yemek Sepeti Decision of the Turkish Competition Board Demonstrates the Significant Change in the Market Dynamics for Online Food Order Platform Services

The Extent of Activity in Exempted Sectors is Irrelevant When Assessing the Scope of Threshold Exemption

The Board’s Hepsiburada Decision - Still Better to Think Twice Before Deleting Data During On-site Inspections

Is The Turkish Competition Board Significantly Changing Its Approach Towards Ancillary Restraints That Would Affect the Consequences of Its Clearance Decisions?

Employment Law

Turkey Plans to Eliminate the Age Limit for Retirement


Unifying Decision of the Court of Cassation regarding Filing a Lawsuit for Undue Receivables

Data Protection Law

The Year Gone: The Turkish Data Protection Board Decisions and Highlights of Personal Data Law in 2022

Internet Law

Constitutional Court’s Recent Decision on the Freedom of Expression

Telecommunications Law

Development on the Refund of the Amounts Unfairly Received from the Consumers

White Collar Irregularities

Standards of Corporate Compliance Programs Based on Recent Trends of the DOJ

Intellectual Property Law

The Regulation on E-Commerce Intermediary Service Providers and E-Commerce Service Providers to Require an Internal Communication System for due processing of Notices regarding Infringement of Intellectual and Industrial Rights


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