Legal Insights Quarterly - March 2024


March 2024 – May 2024

Corporate Law

Types of Internal Directives Applicable for Turkish Joint-Stock Companies

New Thresholds for Minimum Share Capital Amounts of Joint-Stock and Limited Liability Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Utilization of Foreign Currency Loans by Ordinary Partnerships

Capital Markets Law

Legal Expert Reports in Public Offerings

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

The Board’s Approach towards the Re-evaluation of the Commitments and Online Sales Restrictions: A Brief Analysis of the BSH Decision

Turkish Competition Board Approves Farmasi’s Commitment Package on Online Sales Restrictions in the Cosmetics Industry

The Competition Board Approves Coca-Cola's Acquisition of Anadolu Etap İçecek, Addressing Vertical Overlaps in Fruit Juice Market

Turkish Competition Board Clears the Way for AXA’s acquisition of Groupama’s Turkish Business Unit based on Low Concentration Levels

Employment Law

The Constitutional Court Rules that Termination of Employment Contract Due to Employee’s Social Media Post Constitutes a Violation of the Right to Privacy and Freedom of Speech


The Constitutional Court Ruled That the Annual Monetary Limit for Objection Violates the Principle of Foreseeability

Data Protection Law

Turkish Data Protection Authority Introduces New Guideline on Mobile Apps

Internet Law

A New Decision from the Turkish Constitutional Court Hints at Potential Changes Regarding Article 8/A of Law No. 5651

Constitutional Court’s Decision Amending or Cancelling Certain Provisions of the Turkish Internet Law

Telecommunications Law

Regulation and Communiqué Amendments on the Registration of Devices with Electronic Identity Information

White Collar Irregularities

Reporting Suspicious Transactions in Financial Crimes

Intellectual Property Law

The General Assembly of the High Court of Appeals Ruled That Use of a Trademark Registered in Bad Faith cannot benefit from Trademark Protection and Use of Such Trademark Constitutes Unfair Competition as well as Trademark Infringement

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