Legal Insights Quarterly - September 2023


September 2023 – November 2023

Corporate Law

The Liability of Shareholders and Legal Representatives for Public Receivables and Tax Debts of Limited Liability Companies

Banking and Finance Law

Payment of Share Capital by Foreign Shareholders and Exporting Share Capital from Turkey

Capital Markets Law

Public Disclosures in Turkish Capital Markets

Competition Law / Antitrust Law

Turkish Competition Board’s Comprehensive Analysis of the Liberalising Natural Gas Market: BOTAŞ-SOCAR Turkey Decision

Turkish Competition Board’s Detailed Block Exemption Evaluation of MFC Practices in the Getir Decision 

Turkish Competition Board Rejected the Commitments Proposed and Imposed Interim Measures Against Online Betting Platform Nesine

The Approach of the Turkish Competition Board in the Phase II Investigation Regarding the Acquisition of Certain Stores by Migros in the Fast Consumption Goods Market

Employment Law

The Constitutional Court has Cancelled a Fundamental Requirement for Severance Payment of Journalists and Changed Its Calculation Method

Dispute Resolution

Council of State Ruled that Intervening Parties are Entitled to Appeal Final Decisions even if the Parties of the Dispute Do Not Exercise Their Right to Appeal

Data Protection Law

Turkish Data Protection Authority’s Recent Decisions on Protection of Personal Data

Internet Law

Significant Amendments to the Internet Domain Names Communiqué

Telecommunications Law

ICTA Has Published Turkey’s Annual Electronic Communications Data For 2022

White Collar Irregularities

Domestic and International Jurisdiction over White Collar Crimes

Intellectual Property Law

The High Court of Appeals Changed Its Long-Standing Practice on Cumulative Protection Afforded by Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Provisions


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