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Practice Areas

Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law

Delivering tailor made strategies for clients who operate in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors requires ELIG Gürkaynak’s team of lawyers to be at the cutting-edge of technology, with a thorough understanding of existing and emerging mediums while also demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of legal practice. The team at ELIG Gürkaynak is highly committed to meeting the needs of our domestic and international clients by combining our expertise in legal practice and our specialization in unique practice areas such as online and mobile payment services, software development, hardware regulations, television and radio broadcasting, and regulatory compliance for telecommunication operators.

IT Law

ELIG Gürkaynak identifies the needs of its clients by taking into consideration their desire for innovation while respecting the legislative landscape. The team at ELIG Gürkaynak provides strategic legal assistance driven by our clients’ business models and goals.

We provide legal solutions for our clients in complex and multi-jurisdictional transactions, including:

Media and Entertainment Law

ELIG Gürkaynak has extensive knowledge and experience in the media and entertainment law area in Turkey. We handle all media and entertainment law related matters for domestic and international clients who operate in a wide range of media industry. We work with clients on many projects related to media productions, including the launch of new media platforms, film productions, and distribution arrangements and have also successfully represented our clients before Turkish courts and authorities at all levels.

Media convergence brings together computing, communication, and content, while being a direct consequence of the digitization of media content and the popularization of the internet. Media convergence transformed established industries, services, and work practices, enabling entirely new forms of content to emerge. It is transforming the long-established media industry and content “silos” and disengaging content from select devices such as televisions, satellite/cable boxes and radios. The phenomenon presents major challenges for public policy and regulation. ELIG Gürkaynak is one of the few law firms in Turkey that is able and prepared to meet a client’s needs with respect to legal issues arising from the convergence of technologies in the media industry.

We provide legal services to a wide range of players in the media industry including:

Telecommunications Law

Increasing developments in the telecommunications sector introduce new legal challenges, which require multi-disciplinary and expert legal solutions.

ELIG Gürkaynak’s clients working in the telecommunications sector include both domestic and international companies. We provide legal advice on numerous matters including sector related regulatory and legal risk analysis, guidance on the steps to be taken, regulatory reporting and draft agreements.

The team at ELIG Gürkaynak provides an increasingly important range of legal advice to our clients, who are dealing with telecommunication law matters on a daily basis, including: